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Offer for 10% off Dummy PAYE Audits fees expires next Tuesday

26 April 13 | By: Jas Jhooty

10% off Dummy PAYE Audit fees offer ends soon


We recently sent you a limited time offer of 10% off our Dummy PAYE Audits fees if you were to book one before the 1st May 2013.

The cost of having a Dummy PAYE Audit invariably pays for itself by safeguarding you at the time of the real PAYE audit. This is because as long as you follow the recommendations of the report of our findings for a period of at least 6 months, HMRC will have no reason to go back to examine earlier expenses records when mistakes may have arisen. This then gives you peace of mind that you will not fall foul of HMRC employer compliance officers who tend to extrapolate even the tiniest errors found in your expenses sheets across the whole workforce over a number of years to arrive at quite horrendous demands for unpaid PAYE & NIC (not to mention the accompanying interest & penalties charges!)

If you are interested, please make sure that you do not miss out on this offer. Booking one simply means that you are interested in having your payroll procedures audited at a reduced cost. The date of the audit can be arranged at a later date when you are no longer busy with year end.

Dummy PAYE Audits

Dummy PAYE Audits are a very cost effective way of ensuring that you are fully adhering to your PAYE obligations. With HMRC being tasked to raise ever more revenue for the Treasury, one of the easiest ways for them to achieve this is to penalise employers for not being 100% compliant with PAYE legislation.

If you are not entirely confident that you are following PAYE to the letter of the law, or if you have not had a HMRC PAYE review or audit for a number of years, it would be prudent to have one of our consultants undertake a dummy PAYE Audit on your policies and procedures.

Each of our consultants has (in a former life) operated as a PAYE compliance officer for HMRC and therefore knows what to look out for. The review will consist of reviewing your current policies and documentation and comparing that to what actually happens in practice. This is followed by a sample check of certain records pertaining to employees being paid or reimbursed e.g.

• Payroll operation
• P11D benefits
• Expenses sheets
• Corporate credit card statements
• Petty cash book

A summary report is then usually produced identifying areas of weakness and any potential liabilities along with recommendations on how to put things right and any potential opportunities to save money.
We can then help you to put these recommendations into practice by assisting you to update your policies and procedures, and also train staff to prevent errors from reoccurring.

These measures will allow you to be confident at the time of the actual PAYE audit, i.e. that you have got your house in order and also you will not face any nasty surprises.

How we can help

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