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Employment Tax Helpline

Employers and professional firms alike may come across situations where they need to find a quick answer to an employment tax issue but they either do not know what the answer is or do not have spare capacity for a member of staff to spend an hour or so researching the matter.

Our fixed fee telephone service is designed to help employers with these small queries in a cost effective and timely manner.

Our service normally involves the following, although the specific arrangements can be flexible to suit the needs of the employer or professional firm: -

  • The service is normally restricted to non-complex or contentious employment tax issues to keep costs manageable.
  • Each query normally has an agreed time limit, typically less than 60 minutes, again to keep costs manageable.
  • Email enquires, and responses, can be facilitated if required within the telephone service as can more complex issues.
  • We will try to provide an immediate response to most telephone enquiries. Where an immediate response cannot be provided, we guarantee to confirm the answer within 3 hours.
  • If a query is likely to be too complex or take too much time, we will inform you as soon as possible and separate arrangements will have to be made for that query to be resolved.
  • Fees are agreed upfront and paid either monthly or annually in advance.

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