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Representation at HMRC PAYE compliance reviews or 'audits'

One thing that we cannot stress highly enough is that HMRC is not always right. In fact, there are 1001 ‘grey areas’, where the opposite is more commonly true. In recent years many of the more experienced staff at HMRC have moved over to the accountancy profession or have otherwise retired or left the department. This has left mainly inexperienced compliance officers who may not fully possess the technical know-how or practical experience of the intricacies of PAYE and benefits and expenses legislation.

If you are on the receiving end of an HMRC PAYE compliance review we suggest that you get in touch with us immediately. Our consultants have extensive experience of how to negotiate with HMRC to reduce any liabilities they are seeking to impose.

If you receive HMRC notification that they wish to review your procedures generally (or consider a specific aspect), we can advise you on how to manage the visit. If appropriate we can also undertake a high level pre-inspection review to make sure there are no obvious compliance failures. If there are any discovered, we will advise on how to disclose these to HMRC to minimise any penalties.

During the review we are happy to lead the discussions with HMRC and advise on any lines of enquiry that HMRC may open. After the review we can robustly challenge any findings by HMRC that we feel are inappropriate, and negotiate with them on any tax technical arguments to arrive at a satisfactory resolution for you. If necessary we can also represent you at a tax tribunal, if matters progress that far (though most may be settled by negotiation).

To summarise, do not hesitate to contact us if you are on the receiving end of a HMRC PAYE inspection. We are supremely confident that with our many years of experience of dealing with HMRC, we can minimise any liabilities HMRC are seeking to impose.

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