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Free employment tax advisory visit being offered

29 October 13 | By: Jas Jhooty



HMRC Employer Compliance Reviews have become a lot more aggressive lately. You may be interested to read the reasons why in this article on how HMRC intend to double their compliance yield over the next three years. If anything, it is more imperative that employers ensure they will not fall foul of HMRC now, than at any other time.


Over the summer we devised and released our PAYE & NIC Audit questionnaire that details all of the questions you will be asked by HMRC at your next Employer Compliance Review. Our questionnaire contains 120 questions that will alert HMRC to any particular areas of employment tax risk that they should be focussing their attentions on.

Unrestricted access

Previously to obtain a copy of our questionnaire, you had to complete an online form and then an email would be sent to you containing a download link to it. We are now providing unrestricted access to our questionnaire, without the need for filling in your details. You can gain direct access to the questionnaire here.

Free onsite visit

We know that our questionnaire will be an invaluable tool that can help to safeguard you at the time of your next Employer Compliance Review. However you are probably not aware of all the reasons why particular questions are being asked or of the potential employment tax risks that you could be facing.

For this reason we are offering free onsite visits whereby one of our consultants will run through the questionnaire in exactly the same manner as a HMRC Employer Compliance Officer to try to identify any vulnerable areas.

Format of the free visit

The visit will last no more than 2 hours. The visiting consultant will only go through the questionnaire and will not examine any of your records. A follow up letter will be issued detailing any particular areas of risk that should be addressed.

All that we ask is that the Senior Accounting Officer or equivalent is present at the meeting. This is because HMRC have recently issued much tougher guidelines of the standard of employment tax controls they expect employers to have in place.

emTax consultants

emTax Ltd has been set up to provide affordable employment tax advice that will leave you completely safe at the time of your next HMRC audit. All of our consultants are ex-HMRC & also have many years experience of working as senior employment tax managers for the “Big 4” audit firms.

If you are interested in receiving a free visit from one of our consultants please do not hesitate to contact us as soon as possible.



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