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P11D & Tax Technical Training

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Employment tax changes every year. To help you to keep abreast of all of the changes we have an up-to-date modular training syllabus that explains what these changes are and more importantly to advise you on how to make preparations now to minimise the potential impact to your business.

Our training syllabus consists of the following modules:

Overview of P11D Benefits-in-Kind

As well as providing an overview of how to calculate cash equivalents of all benefits-in-kind so that you can complete this year’s P11Ds accurately, this module also provides an explanation of the new salary sacrifice legislation – including advice on ways to minimise the potential disruption to your day to day business.

An explanation on how to enter into PAYE Settlement Agreements and how to obtain HMRC Approval Notices to minimise the number of P11Ds you need to complete is also included.

Full details of what our current P11D training course covers can be found here.

Masterclass on termination payments

The constituent elements that can form part of a termination package have different taxable implications and can be very confusing. This module provides an explanation of how to treat each of these elements that can fall under the banner of:

  • general earnings
  • termination payments legislation
  • damages

and will be invaluable when you are negotiating redundancies and/or settlement agreements.

New changes to the tax treatment of Pay in Lieu of Notice payments and the extension of the Class 1A NIC charge are also explained

Good expenses housekeeping

With the disappearance of P11D dispensations it is now more important than ever before to ensure that you are reimbursing travel related expenses correctly. This module starts by providing an explanation of the legal definition of what is an allowable expense. This is followed by an overview of business travel including the rules on ordinary commuting, permanent and temporary workplaces.

The main body of this module is on how employers should be controlling their expenses via up-to-date expenses policies including best practice on travel costs, subsistence, entertainment and use of company credit cards.

This module concludes with an update on HMRC’s latest compliance initiatives on auditing employee expenses.

How to get your worker’s employment status right

With the government set to extend IR35 changes recently introduced in the Public Sector into the Private Sector in April 2020, this module provides advice on what the risk factors are, and how to make preparations now to minimise any potential impact to your business. Topics covered include:

  • Why employment status matters
  • What are the employment status tests
  • Personal Service companies overview
  • Anti avoidance IR35 rules
  • Service companies and the public sector
  • Where we are now

Module timing, delivery & costs

Each of the modules lasts for approximately half a day and have been designed to be delivered online on a date to suit you, using the very latest webinar and video conferencing technologies.

To further encourage take-up, we have set our prices to be extremely competitive. The cost for each of the modules of our online training syllabus is £800 + VAT.

To encourage take-up, we have set a generous limit of up to 8 delegates from within your organisation that can attend each of these online courses at no additional cost than the fixed price of £800 + VAT per course.

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